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NEW DVD:  ICHIGO ICHIE Camel Live in Japan  

NEW DVD: ICHIGO ICHIE Camel Live in Japan

Ichigo Ichie:   'Treasure every encounter for it will never recur'

Recorded in Tokyo at the EX Theatre in Roppongi during May 2016 featuring: 

Andrew Latimer (guitars, vocals, flute, recorder)
Colin Bass (bass, vocals)
Denis Clement (drums, recorder)
Pete Jones (keyboards, vocals, penny whistle)

Sleeve design by Michael Munday

Format:  NTSC;
Running Time:  Approximately 2 hours

Set List:
Never Let Go (Latimer)
The White Rider (Latimer)
Song Within a Song (Latimer/Bardens)
Unevensong (Latimer/Bardens)
Rhayader/Rhayader Goes To Town (Latimer/Bardens)
Preparation (Latimer/Bardens)
Dunkirk (Latimer/Bardens)
Spirit of the Water (Bardens)
Air Born (Latimer/Bardens)
Lunar Sea (Latimer/Bardens)
Drafted (Latimer/Hoover)
Ice (Latimer)
Mother Road (Latimer)
Hopeless Anger (Latimer)
Long Goodbyes (Latimer/Hoover)
Lady Fantasy (Latimer/Bardens/Ferguson/Ward)

Our Price: £12.50


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